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In my videos I take you behind the scenes in my work.
More videos to come - promise!
Behind the Scenes: 1 Hour Drawing Every Day in 2018
A goal of mine is to draw 1 hour every day in 2018 - to practise.
New topic each day.
In this video:
Monday: Hats // Tuesday: Candles // Wednesday: Clouds // thursday: Cats // Friday: Drinks

Feb. 2018
Behind the Scenes: Illustration
In this video I show how I do an illustration.
I asked my followers "what to draw" and I picked the suggestion "unicorn in galop".
I named the illustration "This Unicorn Lives in my Garden"
If you like the illustration then click the button after watching the video. Here you can view more details and by the illustration.
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In this video I show you how I make my collography handprinted artwork.
This piece 'Just Five More Minutes' is available in my webshop.
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Graphite Pencil
In this video I show how I use a graphite pencil. In denmark we call it a "cyclop" (massiv blyant).
My focus in this video is how to hold it in your hand, to get the most out of it.